Clifford Primary School

Clifford Primary School


Our Art curriculum gives children the opportunity to design, make and evaluate a product each term, generally linked to the class topic. To inspire children’s designs children will be given the opportunity to explore the work of other artists and experiment with different artist’s techniques.

Each child is given an art book to record their ideas throughout the design process.


Children will learn the fundamental skills in drawing, painting, sculpture, structure, IT drawing programs and collage.



 Whenever possible local artists, parents and the Hereford Arts College work with us to support the teaching of art and display our children’s work. Themed Art days / weeks have been successful.   

 Art week

 All of our juniors worked with   Jean who inspired their art. She     also taught us all to stop and   look!








Art Week by Jean Atkin    “All Alone – art and place”

I’ve just completed four days working for Meadow Arts in a lovely Herefordshire primary school. The idea was to enable the children to work closely with the ‘All Alone’ installations in Fishpond Valley at the National Trust’s Croft Castle.’ 

 In October, Year 5/6 children   from Clifford School visited   the All Alone exhibition in   Fishpool Valley (Croft Castle &   Parkland) accompanied by poet and creative practitioner Jean Atkins. They spent the day exploring the artworks and what the idea of the exhibition theme, of 'aloneness', meant to them, collecting thoughts and phrases for use in making poems back at school.
Jean encouraged the children to experience the quietness of the valley, and the idea of solitude, by asking them to spend time by themselves and in silence, visiting the beech woods where Simon Roberts' photographic series Waldeinsamkeit was hanging amongst the trees.
Thanks to funding from The Elmley Foundation, Jean was able to spend 3 days back in school with Years 3/4 and 5/6 to delve deeper into their ideas and responses to aloneness. The children wrote poems, turning them into tiny books and collaged poetry postcards, and creating wrapped chairs inspired by Edie Jo Murray’s piece Perception and Perspective. The poems were read out by each child during a sharing event on the last day that was attended by Meadow Arts Executive Director, Clare Purcell.  









Year 3 and 4’s work with Jean Atkin