Clifford Primary School

Clifford Primary School


Being an Historian at Clifford Primary School

 At Clifford Primary School History inspires children’s curiosity and interest about the past and build a strong understanding of past events, from a range of Historical periods.

Children will find out about local, British and world History and are encouraged to ask questions. We encourage the children to use and evaluate a wide range of sources to build knowledge and understanding and make judgements about the past.


Children are given the opportunity to find out facts, look at how events have shaped our world and develop an understanding of the past compared to today. We use open questions that allow children to show off the full breadth and depth of their knowledge.

We go on plenty of trips to enhance the learning eg. Caerleon, Clifford Castle, The Big Pit. Year 5 and 6 even walked a stretch of Offa’s Dyke Path as part of their work on the Anglo Saxons.













EYFS: Past and present, similarities and differences of places and features of our environment

Year 1 and 2: Toys, Neil Armstrong, Queen Victoria, Castles, The Great Fire of London and Clifford then and now


Year 3 and 4: Ancient Egypt, Changes in Britain Stone Age to Iron Age, Ancient Greece and Romans

Year 5 and 6: Anglo Saxons and Vikings, WW2, Normans (including Clifford castle), Mayan, Anglo- Saxons and The Tudors