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Sports Premium

What is the Sports Premium?                                                                                                              

The Department of Education’s Vision for the Primary PE and Sport Premium is: “All pupils leaving primary school should be physically literate, with the knowledge, skills and motivation necessary to equip them for a healthy lifestyle and lifelong participation in physical activity and sport.” 

The funding for primary school PE and sport at Clifford in 2023/2024 will be £16,980.

At Clifford: We want to provide opportunities that will ensure all children can achieve basic, fundamental skills in PE that will set them up for future sporting achievements in and outside of the school setting. We believe that with a clear understanding of the importance of the fundamentals children will show more enjoyment in sporting activities. We hope this will enable them to gain the confidence and motivation to engage in a wide range of sports throughout their lives.

Purpose of funding

Schools spend the sport funding on improving their provision of PE and sport in order to:        

  • - Develop or add to the PE and sports activities that the school already offers
  • - Build capacity and capability within the school to ensure that improvement’s made now will benefit pupils joining the school in later years

It is expected that with this funding schools will see an improvement against the following 5 key indicators:

  1. Provide targeted activities or support to involve and encourage the least active children
  2. Encourage active play during break times and lunchtimes
  3. Establish, extend or funding attendance of school sport clubs and activities and holiday clubs, or broadening the variety offered
  4. Adopt an active mile initiative
  5. Raise attainment in primary school swimming to meet requirements of the national curriculum before the end of key stage 2. Every child should leave primary school able to swim

 How will we be spending the Sport Premium Funding and who will benefit?                        

 * - Developing and improving the delivery of PE through staff training and the use of experienced coaches to work alongside teachers i.e. PACES; Gymnastics and Multi-skills training, Subject leader training.

  • -Develop our young leaders 
  • - Offering a wide range of sporting opportunities through after school clubs. and PE lessons  i.e. PACES, rugby, dance.
  • - Active maths lessons; Maths of The Day resource and training.
  • - Competitions, tournaments and sporting opportunities; swimming, transport, equipment, forest school activities.
  • Ensuring all our pupils are active at lunchtimes, through active lessons and clubs


The impact on the children overtime will be on improving healthy active lifestyles, increasing the amount of physical activity children take part in, fostering a love of physical activity and developing their skills and confidence through a range sporting opportunities, achievements and competitions. We hope this will enable them to gain the confidence and motivation to engage in a wide range of sports throughout their lives.


The impact on staff will be a greater understanding of the importance of PE and school sport, gaining the tools to sustain a high level of knowledge and the confidence to deliver effective skills to enable the children to progress through the curriculum.


Key achievements to date                                                                                                             

 - Offering a range of after school clubs, accessed by many children

  • - Employing specialist coaches who deliver high quality, engaging lessons across the curriculum. Not only have the children benefited from being taught by coaches but our staff have developed through sharing good practice teaching and assisting in the PE lessons. This has impacted on professional development for staff
  • - Enabling all children from EYFS and KS1 to take part in regular swimming lessons
  • - Developing leadership roles
  • - Improving the outdoor environment for all children to enable increased activity levels
  • - Increasing the school’s participation in tournaments and outside sporting opportunities
  • - Implementing daily running for all staff and children
  • - Introducing Active Maths Lessons across the school (MOTD)
  • - Ensuring all sporting achievements are celebrated
  • - Developing ‘Playground Young Leaders’ programme to increase participation during lunchtimes and to enable children to be leaders in sport
  • - Given training to lunchtime supervisors in order to maximise the activity levels of the children
  • - Organised whole sports’ events each year e.g. World Cup Football event, Women’s World Cup event, Sports day, Skipathon
  • - Taking part in dance competitions and shows


How will we check its impact each year?                                                                                    

  • - A named governor, the Head and PE coordinator observe lessons, monitor the take up of clubs and talk to children about PE through our School Parliament

 Sports Premium Vision and Action Plan 2023 - 2024